Our annually self produced plant catalogue consists of over 2000 different sorts of plants and can be downloaded from this link. High demand plants such as hedging and ground cover are cultivated on mass.

Our product range is especially strong in the areas of multistems and umbrella formed solitary plants of which you will find a vast selection of sorts and dimensions. We also offer a rich supply of unique specially grown trees and shrubs or “character plants” and we have used photographic material in this part of our catalogue to assist you in making your purchase decisions (for further information also see Service).

The question of where which plant really belongs is becoming increasingly difficult to answer due to factors such as climate change, urbanisation and other ever changing needs and circumstances. The experience and observations gathered of plants on varying soils over the years is represented within our assortment. We would like to share this wealth of knowledge with you and possibly increase it with your assistance.

As an assortment tree nursery it is our objective to supply your projects in all necessary areas with suitable and requested plants, be they ground-covering shrubs or great grove trees!  In the event that our stock does not cover your requirements please notify us and we will gladly complete your order with alternatives or via our partners so that you only need to visit one place in order to obtain all your plants.  Or plant catalogue is broken down into the following categories:

Ground-covering plants and climbers