Jurgelucks – The Tree Nursery in Bad Lippspringe

Our family business was founded in 1955, and has been situated at the outskirts of Paderborn ever since. Many changes have occured over the years. Originating as a forest tree nursery we eventually evolved into a nursery with an extremely wide assortment. Unchanging, however, is our dedication to produce first class plants.

On over more than 75 hectares (185 acres) we cultivate approximately 2000 different sorts of plants that we offer to  our clientele, reaching from regional contacts to customers throughout all Germany as well as clients from many European countries. Wherever you are our expertise is at your disposal.

Our philosophy – What defines us

As dedicated gardeners, plants are more than just revenue for us. Over the past 60 years we have accumulated a wealth of knowledge due to a very wide and exceptional assortment of plants we grow in our nursery. Varied types of soils and the overcoming of new challenges has also contributed to our knowledge which makes us a reliable provider of plants.

Honest consultation and fairness  are very important to us!

Our staff – Our Strength

Next to our 6 apprentices most of our professional personnel (2 master gardeners, 16 trained gardeners and 8 machine operators) have been working in our company for many years and almost all of them have completed their apprenticeships here. This longterm relationship has led to a responsible and strong commitment in the handling of our plants and, moreover, to their high quality, that you can discover.


Our areas of production are spread throughout the northeastern hinterland of Paderborn. Here, the mountain ranges of the Teutoburg Forest, the moorlands of the Senne and the Paderborner plateau clash. This position makes for a wide array of soil conditions be they loamy, rocky or sandy; more acidous or heavily calcereous – our plants are accustomed to suboptimal growth conditions which enables them to grow well on even difficult sites. Also our regular transplanting results in fiberous root systems.

In terms of traffic and logistics we lay favourably in the south of East Westphalia and are linked closely to the A33 and the motorway network.